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Comes the time of the Twilight, can you nae feel it on the breeze?
How the air around you gently cools and raises your hair's loosest tendrils in softest caresses sweet?
See how the sky begins to mellow from the bright of the day into the sweetest pastels, ones we see as golden as the sky with pride of them swells.
Hear ye nae how the birds hearld its approaching in their songs, how they quiet in their singin for the night that is comin?
As do the flowers begin to close in sleep awaitin yonder tomorrow's palest dawin?
Tis in this time that I plait my hair, in a braid that reaches past me waist, and in it I weave flowers sweet, to scent it in case this be -
The Twilight that My Laird shall come aridin, aridin, aye he shall one Twilight come ariding for me.

Comes the time of Twilight, aye tis now upon us, I slip me form out of the keep and into the fields by the sea
I go awanderin, awanderin among the greens and golds of the mosses of the moors, to me feet bare they feel cool and soothin.
Tis here I can hear best his call to me, it comes on the waves as they brush against the rocks in such gentle sweepin.
Oh so tender they are in the gentle tide's rockin, rockin them in their lacey arms, oh how I long for that for me,
For me Laird to come aridin, a ridin to swoop me up and rock me into himself, and there I shall stay and nowhere else care I to be.

Tis here upon the cry of a lonely sea fowl, I can hear the cry of me heart as it beckons to him in such heartfelt passionate desire.
Desire that echoes the lonely cry of the sea fowl, where are ye, where are ye, my heart echoes out loud, can ye nae know I need ye near me right now?
Tis here among the grasses that the sea's breezes kiss, that I ponder how sweet shall his lips be on mine, how I shall wish them ner to from mine go.
And I wonder as I ponder if he will find mine just as sweet as the scent of the flowers I wear so proud, proud not in haughty manner, nae but for him, pride in just the knowin that soon he shall see me all ready to be with him a'goin, aye agoin'.

Now it comes full Twilight Time, and I stand alone in a field and I cast me eyes down,
Am I nae worthy is that why he tarries so? 'Who, Who, nae you', says the wise owl in the tree limbs above,
And I smile a slow sweet smile, a smile that I shall smile for me love, a smile that shall let him know in his heart,
I am his, and shall ner, no ner from his side e're wish ev'r to depart.

So I shall continue to go to the sea at the time of Twilight when all is bathed in tones of orange and golden rays of light.
Magical it is, aye ev'n mystical indeed. and there in this special place I shall wait each eve, each eve until falls the night,
For me Laird, me Love to come aridin, aridn, aye he shall come aridin and nae shall he stop as he sees me awaitin'
For as he passes by me upon his great steed in his arms he shall swoop me up and onto the rays of Twilight we shall climb -
Onto the Golden Road, the chosen road, the only road, the mystical, magical road of Twilight Time we shall ride into the arms of The Time of Twlight's Lovin' eternal, nae heavenly, nae beyond that ev'n into love sincerely in each other's arms.

K for M
K for J

inspiration for my deviation and manipulation TWILIGHT ANTICIPATION
this is a piece that is dedicated to three people especially, but to all my friends on DA as well

1. It is dedicated to my love without whom this song could never have come into my heart, a love who has found his trail is further down the path, I wish him love.

2. It is dedicated to a friend, a sister that was there at the beginning six years ago of Kaylia

3. It is dedicated to Imgainedmoments [link] who I hope finds a wee bit of her home in the sayin of it.
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BelovedImmortal Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011
Beautful, loving, and a gentle love that shall last forever.
LaColombeDeDeuil Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Professional General Artist

~~ need I say for whom Kaylia yearns? ~~ your words soothe my soul, inspire my spirit, and cause my heart to beat a wee bit faster and finally my passion to stir~~

always,truly yours,
LeaWiggins Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2009
This made me cry. Her yearning for her love is so deep, her faith so strong and her hope seems endless.
LaColombeDeDeuil Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Professional General Artist

~~ oh my dear, I am sorry for your tears, but believe it or not it is based on a true circumstance. thank you for your wonderful comments ~~

MoonMystress Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2006
*sighs happily* This is a beautiful piece. I don't know what else to say as I sit in awe... :+fav:
wizillusions Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry I didn't comment earlier but there is little I can say about this beautiful piece. :+fav:

beyond that ev'n into love sincerely in each other's arms

:love: :hug: :kiss: :hug:
ImaginedMoments Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2006
Ah my bonnie lass, the words you relay could only come from the lips the of true!
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