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Kaylia and the Mystic Isles

Map of Mystic Isles by LaColombeDeDeuil Originally called the Emerald Highlands it fast became known as the Mystic Isles and the home of the Emparian Valerian, ancestors of the Sidhe.

The Governess by LaColombeDeDeuil Kaylia and Kaylian as toddlers. Ambriel strolling far in the background and the Governess is the 8th employed.

Kaylia's Nature Walk by LaColombeDeDeuil Kaylia grown and walking around the forests outside the Keep of the Merricke and MacWellan clan, a clan that moved in to help the young lass grow. Also keepers of most of the Merricke fortune that the dark Ones did not get.

"Ye Are Out There" by LaColombeDeDeuil Kaylia dreaming on a parapet in part of the old Keep. The poem is my mine and her's.

On Moor and Sea
In Land of Mortal
And Land of Sidhe
I Shall in Power Invincible Be
Across the Roads
Upon the Waves
I Shall Gather
Vast Wealth
And I shall Nae Stop
Till I am Mistress of
Both Merricke and Ireland  House as well
For by Clan Right With His Passing
I  Inherit  His Own
So I shall Take it and all
He Knew as Dear
And Make it My Clan's Own.
A piece that actually came out of the Role Playing and heavily influenced by it spoken by a 15 year old Kaylia as she vows vengence. Hells Bells she is a feisty lass to be sure.

TWILIGHT ANTICIPATION by LaColombeDeDeuil Kaylia - in her budding years - "And as I walk through the land of me birth, I canna help but anticipate that which my heart holds as true, my love is near, and I shall nae walk in twilight alone
when ore the moors he comes aridin. Then I shall walk with he by me side, and naught a maiden nor a sidhe though a sweetheart she be shall tear us asunder. Then we shall walk together forever, in twilight's wonder of love, ner again alone neither one of us. But there be a wee shadow of a dream, a tall dark haired Laird, ach but he smells so sweet of the sea. I wanna but I canna get he out of me mind. Maybe tis nae a bad thing after all."

KAYLIA'S TWILIGHT SONGComes the time of the Twilight, can you nae feel it on the breeze?
How the air around you gently cools and raises your hair's loosest tendrils in softest caresses sweet?
See how the sky begins to mellow from the bright of the day into the sweetest pastels, ones we see as golden as the sky with pride of them swells.
Hear ye nae how the birds hearld its approaching in their songs, how they quiet in their singin for the night that is comin?
As do the flowers begin to close in sleep awaitin yonder tomorrow's palest dawin?
Tis in this time that I plait my hair, in a braid that reaches past me waist, and in it I weave flowers sweet, to scent it in case this be -
The Twilight that My Laird shall come aridin, aridin, aye he shall one Twilight come ariding for me.
Comes the time of Twilight, aye tis now upon us, I slip me form out of the keep and into the fields by the sea
I go awanderin, awanderin among the greens and golds of the mosses of the moors, to me feet bare they feel cool and soothin
A piece that was written and heavily influenced its above manipulation.

Taking back his Love by BelovedImmortal He returns and takes back his love in all ways. Drake and Kaylia once more by BelovedImmortal
Once again in Kaylia's arms by BelovedImmortal and thus once more, two apart combine as the one they were fated to be, aye my Beloved, ye return as I return to thee.

As I move along I will be adding Genealogy, and other Aspects of the Isles, as well as who the Emparian Valerian are.

An Artist of Reknown Returns

My beloved Daughter of my Heart is back on DA! She is magnificent and deserves the love all of DA can give her as a DA returned! Welcome Back Love!


Clan of The Shadows by LaColombeDeDeuil :iconlacolombededeuil:

Looking out at the endless forever reaching arms of the sea
An ocean of feelings begin ebbing within me just as the tides come and go
I stand here in this Vigil watching them flow, watching them flow
From shore back out to sea, an endless motion, an endless Vigil
Waiting for you to return to me.
Haunting the waves with my gaze of penetrating wishes, I cannot
But help wonder if you survived or if by some magic mystically live beneath
Beneath the waves that come and go, come and go as you did on ship with
sails white
Through the breeze of ocean endless that does flow day and night
I stand here and feel the spray of Mistress Ocean as her laced trimmed
Of water meet the shore where they dance into final oblivion, only to
Disappear once again under another wave’s coming
I stand in Vigil watching as endless as the tides for you to return, my soul
is Vigil and it
is summoning.
Summoning to you across the ocean’s waves and winds, calling out softly your
Again and again, becoming as now like the waves that repeat, over and over
Their reaching out for their lover the shore, then in shyness do hasty
But never retreat shall I from upon this rock I stand, I am Vigil my love,
for you my life’s
Vigil Stands.
Stands as constant as any lighthouse out on the shore, I cast my light as it
does across the
Rock, then the waves, then further until the reaches of the endless ocean’s
arms are met
Who then carry to you my love my heart’s deepest intense desires to hold you
once again
But until then Vigil is my name and I shall not give in.
VIGIL by ~:iconmutualendeavors:

The Pen's Master and Wizard of Kimberling and The Angel of Romance
one of our collaberations

:blackrose::blackrose: These are My Works- Some New - Some Very Old :blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:
Normally I am too shy to promote my own works. But there is so much of me in some of the ones back in my gallery I wanted to share that part of me with you. How many have ever waited for the other shoe to drop? I always do. I thought I would not have to at times but the soft thud always came. :blackrose:

Temptation in Grief by LaColombeDeDeuil MY CONFESSION by LaColombeDeDeuil

Dancing In A Dream by LaColombeDeDeuil WAIT FOR ME by LaColombeDeDeuil

Spirits Come Home by LaColombeDeDeuil FLAME OF CINNABAR by LaColombeDeDeuil

A Secret Revealed by LaColombeDeDeuil "Mistress of The Wolves" by LaColombeDeDeuil

Hope In A Well by LaColombeDeDeuil Of A White Rose by LaColombeDeDeuil

by *LaColombeDeDeuil

Black and silver - it glistened in the sun, reflecting off of it onto her hand
As she stood there where she had been standing when
There had been laughter just seconds ago.
She did not notice the numbing of her fingers as they gripped the small electronic piece
Of engineering technology that carried her voice across oceans to another place.
Now it was screaming at her - in a wail of a cry - just as the words she had heard
Were screaming at her from her heart now - then it went to a buzzing like a bee angered
That had been disturbed in its hive of honey sweet to attack at her with its constant buzzing -
Buzzing - buzzing - then silence - she did not notice that the buzzing had stopped; all she
Could hear were the words that had made her heart wail so out loud - she is coming
She is coming - words of such a simple statement - she is coming -and as the headset of the Phone she held now hit the floor,
She heard another sound, distinctly one she had heard many times before,
The sound of the other shoe dropping - dropping to the floor.

by *LaColombeDeDeuil

He, in such majestic splendor that eve did outshine the very torches
My heart, my breath, my soul then he did steal away when he called out my name.
Lost was I when his hand sheltered mine in dance divine when
in whispered tone he did upon me lay five words a rose with no thorns.

He, mighty in valor, diminishing all other, did seal forever my loyalty
When as we moved in gentle court delights, to my ear there came in flight
the first stroke of a note of a concerto to which we in jovial manner sway
A gift of music, a creation of his own passions, a rose with no thorns.

He, my faithfulness did cement forever in my deepest most intimate passionate spirit
When I heard how femininely majestic he saw me, ah so do speak the notes,of our unity
The brass, the horns, as they play, with undertone of gentle influence, delicate fingers laid
So speak the verses of the horns of a rose with no thorns.

Though, in breaking of hearts of two, he did in duty sworn to state comply in truth
Me finally he put away, no longer beside him in his bed would I ever again in joy lay
Still play on the magical messengers of note after note of horns that announce from parapet to parapet
The depth of such divine creation our love did endow a rose with no thorns.

Then dance on lovers in waltzes gay, weave in romantic intertwining thy selves so tight
That naught duty nor state nor church nor greedy word of any shall ever thee part
As the horns whisper soft and low, soft and gentle, as he had held me, when in sweetest love we played
Define again the power of a divine love in the horns of a rose with no thorns.

And in thee, our love shall live on, removed from ever court harm, naught to be as ours
who by evil word of others did negate too soon before fulfillment
Hear them even now, those horns that combine power and love, as they in sacred splendor ring out as angels serenade
a rose with no thorns.

dedicated to Anne of a 1000 Days
Henry the 8th wrote a concerto for brass for her
He called it Rose With No Thorns, also his pet name for her.
Here is how it effected me the first time I heard it which was but two hours ago for the first time
I have read the letter she wrote him the night before she was killed - I have a copy of it. All I can say is she had a heart truly.

:blackrose::blackrose:FEATURED WORK::blackrose::blackrose:

Happy Holidays from Kimberling by LaColombeDeDeuil Featured in :iconmanipulatethis:

Vic's Soul

"You Don't Own Me"Look at that guy over there; see him, the one with the long thick dark hair.
Look at his eyes, see, he is looking now, amazing how their depths draw you in.
Look at the way he is moving as he comes this way, like a bow across violin strings.
Look he is smiling; it is that half cocked smile of one that is not sure he should be
            He used to be mine, and still I can feel his touch.
            He used to be mine, and still I can taste his kiss.
            He used to be mine, and I was just as much his
Black Hour PowersBlack hours, blacker desires, fog like smoke encircling auburn hair
Dark eyes lined darker, heels tap out the same every night message in the air
‘I don’t care.’
‘I don’t care.’
‘I don’t care.’
Neon sign blinks on and off, she is like a moth to a flame to it drawn.
Old dark door opens with a shove; black stocking covered legs lead her on
“Give me the usual escape.’
‘Give me the usual that makes my throat grates.’
‘Give me the usual, it is what it takes.’
Sliding on the stool, black satin whispers on silk hidden well under
Whisper of one leg, caress as it crosses ore the other, lighter flicks, no cigarette, one wonders.
‘Slow tonight, not many here.’
“Slow tonight, the way I prefer.’
‘Slow tonight, but it is smoky, good deal.’
Swish of a glass on a slick bar top, sliding of a shot ends in her fingertips.
Wrapping around it she smiles, as she pulls on the cigar after cutting off the t

OUT OF YOUR ELEMENTThe smoke hangs in the air like fog ore the San Francisco Bay
The neon lights are about the only aid to see your way.
The chairs are all different and if you are lucky don’t wobble
The tables are all nicked, but hey as long as your drink doesn’t spill why squabble?
The music is full of soul, deep, rich soul that touches you down below.
The musicians are lost in their rhythm and don’t know if you come or go.
                               Break – a light shatters the fog.
                               Voice – announces a dancer; promises this one is not a dog.
Re-Inventing My SoulReinventing my soul, it is a task I do not take lightly, oh no
I must take stock in that which I do not need
I must decide what I should keep for without it I might bleed.
Bleed over into the region of my heart, and that would be a dangerous start
For I do no wish to disturb there the ghosts that haunt that shadowed, cob webbed home.
No, I do not wish to have them begin to sing in their wispy voices of memories
Memories that are best left in the long ago.
I shall first think on compassion, a well thought of trait.
But if you do not love with a desire what is the need of this, it could only lead to a bad fate.
No compassion is what I shall set aside first, I take it off its shelf, place it in the
Trunk and cover it with a blanket of hurt.
A blanket of hurt spun out of words cast forth on waters that were not there.
Like an illusion they were, these words made of air.
Next I shall look at tenderness, oh no not needed at all, for is not tenderness
What we give to lovers when we tumble wit

Dance Of The DevilStretch me, take me, pull out of me that which is the pain of the soul of me
Teach me, show me, that only in this torture will perfection be set free
My body, not my own, becomes now yours as my instructor in the ways of the show
Toes on wood, bent to sheer screaming, legs on bars, pushed to muscle blows
Body bent, head to knee, perfect angle must be achieved as arm remains in arc of grace
Not any faction, not any fraction, of this orchestrated racking shall crack sweet smile on face
Hair is trapped, pinned into purest discipline, not a strand must fly loose, while body is spinning, and head is held still
As toes cry, and legs beg for mercy, perfect pirouette with the last seen is the look of the pride of its fulfilling
Lift me, arch of body must be stiff, no room here for play, maybe later when to dressing rooms we are released, here your hands must be my concrete pedestal unyielding.
Dare not breathe, not even a breath, then lower me down, let me drape ore your arm, perfect trust in

The BalletThe Dance
Take me, make me, let my desires you create be the flames that rake me
Move me, groove me, let the music of your touch be the passion that rules me
Break me, shatter me, let the whispers of your heart inspire the love in me
Be the potter that breaks me as he breaks the pot on the wheel,
Be the blacksmith that fires me up in embers hot unto your will
Be the carpenter that nails into me with nails of lust a foundation sure
Be the brick layer, brick by brick of your passions glaze into me you as a habit pure
Rock me, swing me, let satin be the stage
Toss me, lift me, let silk rustle as do my sighs in pleasure's rage
Make the steps of the dance be for us one and the same, partner me, I yield, dance on in this night's ballet.
Choreograph over me, under me, teach me what you crave
Lead me as a conductor would lead a symphony so that I may play the notes that will please you and make me your only concert you will play
Let me be the violin that across you draw your bow drawing out of
A Heart's Whispers by AHeartsWhispers
Shadow OneOh black sweet Shadow One
Cast aside your cloak ash dark
For I have come here to building basement
To see the red fire in your eyes spark.
Oh One of ancient times, once Angel’s Light
Compel me, whisper to me, that I may find you this night.
I want to feel your cold chilled breath
Upon my throat’s skin.
And then I want to feel lifeless lips undead
There again and again.
Do you think that you can satisfy
This longing that deep within me lies
That none have been able to since I defied
Beliefs long ago planted but weeds have now grown ore?
I dream of the fires and the flames depths
Tis there I desire that you and I may go.
Rake my skin; let me sigh out my cry
At your desire’s freedom, this I grant upon me to try.
Show me not love but disdain.
Take me to your cave of pleasures, give me pain.
Feed my soul’s darkest wants, wishes and fantasies
Send me not away until I have felt that upon them you have fully feasted.
Shadow One, I await, Dark Wings spread wide.
I don’t

HEART'S WHISPERS IN FLIGHT by AHeartsWhispers The BreachEcstasy, oh what a beautiful word
Conjuring up all the contortions one could
Oh what would I give to find one like me
Love, passion, and yet daring as can be.
Stroke my hair; let me feel you there first
Then take my mouth and fulfill this cursed thirst
With the wine of your kiss make me drunk enough to lay aside
All my inhibitions set me free from them, into the depths to fly
Finding there the depravity that can be found in stark desire.
Make me beg, and then I will make you moan,
Make me suffer with longing, and then you will groan.
Make me want all the things that I should never utter
Oh take me, let me under your expert touch shudder.
Wrap me up in the sweat of pleasure’s hidden room
Take me down, then raise me up, make me beg, make me want, make me swoon.
All of this is only the start, did you think I was a foolish little girl?
What a fool you are if this is your thought, I am the hurricane’s winds swirl.
I will turn you over and every inch of you mark as my own
You will

"Eight To The Bar" by AHeartsWhispers Looking For An IdolLooking for an idol, not a god nor a prince
Who will with one grip overpower my good sense.
Steps he me into the alley, black shadowed brick to scrape
Rough is his hand as he grips me at the nape of my neck.
Consent is not needed, he takes then takes again
Drinking from the well of blood his kisses have begun.
I can taste it, salty, thick; but it is like a drug to me.
Up now along the wall, he is lifting, terror and excitement
What a mix to see.
He grabs my hair, demanding my head to lean back
I grab his shoulders, nails biting through his sport jacket.
One leg lifts to cover inner thigh.
Another answers in agony’s response our combined passions
Now sought for fantasies become a moaning war cry.
Desire me, want me, need me, but never ever dare care
Need me, want me, desire me, don’t worry, chuckle given,
You have had your share.
Brick becomes the surface that animal instinct is carved upon
Legs wrapped now around his middle, oh how he loves my charms.
Drip, drip, the water fr

Our MelodyLights from the city were reflecting off the fresh new snow
That was falling from the sky casting ore the buildings a misty glow
The leather satchel was softly banging against my back
A reminder of how it was my only company, I felt the lack.
Entering the downward stairs of the T Station I descended into the light
It was late, so late; I had almost missed the last train that to seclusion would deliver
Me to my rail aided lonesome homeward bound flight.
Long black cloak of wool was covered in melting unique snow flowers
Just as I was melting from the thrill of the dance into my hardest hours.
Finally I reached the bottom of the stairs; four benches were present only three were bare.
The hood I had up did not allow me to see who was perched on the one,
I chose out of convention to seat myself on another seat of carved stone.
As my hand lowered my hood, I cast a glance to the side, curiosity winning past
Taught safety now ignored I gazed at the individual, who on the other bench now sat.
Tears for Sale“Tears for Sale”, says the tattoo on her back
Black leather pants, boots to match, naught but taut
Even the matching halter as under the streetlamp she parks
Leaning against it as respite for tiredness so she does find
Light too has it darkness, oh what a soothing delight.
A flick of her finger, a flame pops to light,
Brought to her face it reveals doll like innocence
Painted over in a mask to bring age and lack of caring to life.
The stage she walks to fulfill passion’s most undesired sights.
A small ember begins to burn, as she inhales, clove,
Fills her lung, breath is caught, how the burning feels so right.
Contempt is the source of the smile she has
Despising is the food that furnishes her stance
Dead soul is the black fire that burns in her eyes
Oh but what an attraction this is
To bring her the ones that she needs
To complete her work this night.
Tired of waiting she moves, click click
Stiletto heels tick out the dead beats of a heart
That has long ago, through blo
Stamp2 for inspyretash-stock by Bnspyrd

Dedications to a Ballerina

for Katarina by andrekosslick What can I say but how deep this goes. A swan of shadowed elegance, a dancer that is dancing emotions few know. Thank you my friend.:blackrose:

the nameless grave I by andrekosslick oh to fly away on these waters


The story is not over yet by DameOdessa :icondameodessa:

a friend reaches into me and sparks a small flame of hope

Pieta VI by andrekosslick sad melody of the end by andrekosslick
done by Andre for me
Done for Vic by Andre

Husky Remember by andrekosslick The hope died by andrekosslick

Done by Andre for a Brother and Lent to me

the last view II by andrekosslick

A Tribute To A Ballerina That Still Flies Done By Andre

A Beautiful Gift To a Ballerina From a Beautiful Heart…:

A Dedication to Marika Anastasia Romanski aka Katti
Light Symphonia 30 by love1008 Though this was not a dedication to me I can see a ballerina dancing between the planes of the drawing so easily, can you?


The fog of the last morning. by andrekosslick What a beautiful gift, what a tribute to a beauty. Thank you Andre.

August 16, 2009

Katti the swan by andrekosslick
Andre never ceases to amaze me with the beauty he paints with his brush. He captures with it the truth of nature and had for me made this swan. What he did not know is when I first started on Deviant, the swan was my avatar. Don't tell me good friends are not connected! They surely are!

JoLee-1150 by JoLee-Art My wild side is coming out to play! Isn't this awesome!

From Wizard Of Kimberling

"Aye my Laird Wizard ye have the way to ken weel what this Lass of Kimberling needs to get out of her well. Lend me thy hand and I shall reach out and then we canna escape on horseback to the garden of delights."

Moonlight Desires lyrics

(Lawrence Gowan)
You've got ways
To take hold of my thoughts
Over-riding my senses
Lock your sights
Dead in line with my heart
Share your powers
You stir my soul
And whet my hunger
And weave that spell
That pulls me under
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
They want me, they want me
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
You're sending, you're sending
Secret fires
Burn inside me unknown
Never mentioned
Only you
Can uncover the flames
Break their silence
And make them dance
For us to see them
And break their chains
And give them freedom
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
They want me, they want me
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
You're sending, you're sending
A wave over my mind (wave over my mind)
And I fall to it blind
You say :
Trust me
Stir my soul
And whet my hunger
And weave that spell
That pulls me under
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
They want me, they want me
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
You're sending, you're sending
A wave over my mind
Moonlight desires
Your secret powers
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
They want me, they want me
These moonlight desires
Haunt me
You're sending, you're sending
A wave over my mind
Moonlight desires.

A Lass in Kimberling by wizillusions Here is the Lass of Kimberling. She also is Sister Golden Hair to a Wizard who Dwells In the Land
Of Kimberling - Magic Abounds

Moody Blues:blackrose:
For My Lady lyrics:blackrose:

Songwriters: Thomas, Ray:blackrose:

My boat sails stormy seas
Battles oceans filled with tears
At last my port's in view
Now that I've discovered you

Oh I'd give my life so lightly
For my gentle lady
Give it freely and completely
To my lady

As life goes drifting by
Like a breeze she'll gently sigh
And slowly bow her head
Then you'll hear her softly cry.

Oh I'd give my life so lightly
For my gentle lady
Give it freely and completely
To my lady

Words that you say when we're alone
Though actions speak louder than words
But all I can say is I love you so
To drive away all my hurt

Oh I'd give my life so lightly
For my gentle lady
Give it freely and completely
To my lady

Set sail before the sun
Feel the warmth that's just begun
Share each and every dream
They belong to everyone.

Oh I'd give my life so lightly
For my gentle lady
Give it freely and completely
To my lady

:blackrose:Oh how you remember the sweet thoughts of this song, and oh how you remember how they pulled me up and gave me wings once more. Thank you my Wizard, you sprinkle your magi once more in the sweet air of Kimberling.:blackrose:

June 1, 2009

:blackrose: From the Wizard of Kimberling to Sister Golden Hair :blackrose:

Sister Golden Hair"

"Just To See You Smile"

Oh the pleasure
Just to see you smile
As that sparkle appears in your eyes.

Oh the joy
Just to see you smile
As you spread your dancer's wings.

Oh the delight
Just to see you smile
As I hold you in my arms.


Bill (WizIllusions)


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 8, 2012, 12:14 PM

:blackrose: Seek for me not where the wild flowers grow, nor where the Hawthorne blooms, find me now where the snow drifts graceful and low, where meadow blooms lie like I, now dried against cold stone, having been choked out by thistle of silence that hast in such a chill wind flourished so, linger with me in meadow's flush with Madam Winter's blush, find in me a frail voice of softness like snow falling, an old music, a different poetry, a dream of  dance hast found its birthing in me, played out on the melodic chords of a harp tis a haunting symphony, for once I was but an Angel of Shadows, ah but no more, now I am thus and becoming so much more so, finding again true loss of passion's pains and desire burning deep recesses in my soul. Ah will  I rise again.  :blackrose:


A Quote from Queen Kaylia Merrick of the Mystical Isles :blackrose:

Whispering on the softest night breeze
Warmed by the gentle dawn's wishes
Filled with passion that burns as the sky
Saturated with the fire of the stars
Wafting ore you as you stand on a moors gleamin'
You put a spell on me, and I returned the favor with this enchantin'


This piece below was written by my pen's master, my wizard of Kimberling, one of the dearest soul-mates I have. Mistress of Dreams -enjoy. love always to my friends and watchers. katti :blackrose:
the black winged one :blackrose:

Mistress of Dreams

A full moon rises high above
illuminating the night
a warm breeze enters through my window
blowing the curtains
as I prepare to find some rest.

Mistress of dreams
arrives upon a gentle wind
bring her visions to my sleep.
Mistress of dreams
so close beside me
her words excite my senses.

Oh tell what will you bring this night
tonight to see the beauty or the beast
a fairy tale's delight or nightmare's fright
the ecstasy of a love remembered
or the heartache of a love departed.

Mistress of dreams
arrives upon a gentle wind
bring her visions to my sleep.
Mistress of dreams
so close beside me
her words excite my senses.

And yet come the morning
I awaken to an empty room
where all is forgotten
no memories remain
Of all the visions you had brought.


February 19, 2013

Crying in the morning trying to be strong
Waiting for the spring to turn into the fall
Love don't mean what it says at all
And destiny says that I'm destined to fall

Enchanted you thought you saw something in my eyes
Enchanted it's a shame that you wanted me
You didn't try

Why the face oh darling
Was it my darkness shadow light
I mean to cause no trouble for you
That is the story of my life

Enchanted you thought you saw something in my eyes
Enchanted it's a shame that you wanted me
You didn't try
Enchanted whoa it's just a voice through the night
Enchanted well I hope you make it

You were gone you were gone from me
When I remember someone I remember their dreams
In those dreams that no one knows of
My destiny says that I'm destined to run

Enchanted oh you thought you saw something in my eyes
Enchanted it's a shame that you wanted me
You didn't try
Enchanted well it's just a voice through the night
Enchanted well I hope you make it

Enchanted well I hope you make it
Whoa whoa whoa
I hope you make it

Songwriter(s): Stevie Nicks
Copyright: Welsh Witch Music
Official lyrics powered by:blackrose:

:blackrose: Stevie Nicks - the singer of my soul -
Enchanted well I hope you make it.
Whoa whoa whoa.
I hope you make it.

December 28, 2014
- slashes bleeding out red - life dripping on the bed - wings molting from white to black of death - I will never trust and let these walls crack again. love is a curse most fierce - to hold it as I do in your heart is a course of rapids most severe - to be held responsible for what you could not avoid - ah sour is the taste - :blackrose:


December 28, 2014

Spent some time wih a retired Texas country western singer and song writer. We have never met but he is very talented - he is from east Texas. Love that accent!



:blackrose:  "Walk daily as if it were the last day of your life, for we cannot discern what the fates will allow to color the sands of time, be they white, be they a muted pastel or a ebony that dips to nothingness, that shall quickly slip by in Mistress Time's Glass. For you will it be the almost white of a moment of purity promised or will it be the blood red stain of life's precious flow set to be put into motion as an ebbing out of us? Who knows by what steps either by foot placed, word spoken, thought put into a deed will be the straw that causes the beat of the soul to stop and the heart to shout out with death's whispered tone, "I give! Oh sing the song of a dying warrior"  :blackrose:

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:blackrose::blackrose: my new mantra :blackrose::blackrose:

You are

Nothing means more to you in this life than your family and your friends. They can tell. You are the one they come to for nourishment and encouragement. You are usually gentle and loving but if someone attacks one of your loved ones, watch out! You will become a mama bear! That said, you are also concerned about taking care of the world at large, too.
:blackrose: The result of a quiz I took and answered the words honestly. Wonder what my friends think of this?:blackrose:

Forgive me for Lost Time by BelovedImmortalTaking back his Love by My New Message :blackrose: These are some maniulations I did of Kaylia who for years I roleplayed. Then I copyrighted Kaylia.
katti :blackrose::heart::rose:…

:blackrose: :iconmoondanceraya: needs help!!! Please visit her and help her out! I would be so grateful! :blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:…

Cries of a Mourning Dove.

Hear her cry, hear her scream,
Piercing the Dawn
Tis a Cry
Dear To Most
Tis a Cry Dreary to One
Tis The Cry Of The Mourning Dove

Look in her eyes
Do you see why she weeps?
Tis The Cry Of The Mourning Dove
Flying on wings weak.

Breathe by BrennsArtAttic done by :iconbrennsartattic: for me! How beautiful! How talented! How wonderfully full of love this is! Thank you dear!

Soul Transformation by BrennsArtAttic She creates - and in her beauty I find light. :iconbrennsartattic:

Below is the link to my blog for Marika Anastacia Romanski. Any Questions you would like to ask a vampire? Now is your chance.

A link to my goggle page. Please visit. :rose:

This marvelous poet took some of my words and wove this into this magnificent representation of how I was feeling. Please visit him at :iconquestingpoet:. It is well worth the visit.

*Questingpoet Mar 4, 2011
And she shall be the Black Rose,
waiting for the ones to hear her screams

And she shall be the Black Rose,
now quiet in the Shadows
And she shall be the Black Rose,
listening faintly for the the gallows

And though the Black will climb,
to one day reach the sun
within these thorny vines,
her cries now just begun.


To The Sister of My SoulI'll probably never understand, never comprehend
The mystical circumstance of our meeting, of our friendship
From the beginning the connection always seemed ordained
By some force beyond the boundaries of my understanding.
The mystical circumstance of our meeting, of our friendship
It continues to puzzle and amaze through the years
By some force beyond the boundaries of my understanding
We proceed along the path centuries old.
It continues to puzzle and amaze through the years
This connection of body and soul so unexplainable
We proceed along the path centuries old
To the possibilities of a perpetual friendship.
This connection of body and soul so unexplainable
The relationship that exists to the sister of my soul
To the possibilities of a perpetual friendship
That commenced in a land and time so faraway.
The relationship that exists to the sister of my soul
From the beginning the connection always seemed ordained
That commenced in a land and time so faraway
I'll probably never underst
This is a wonderful and very touching piece of poetry written by one of my most often go to collaborators. As well as one of my very best friends. He is a marvelous poet and is well deserving of any watch you would honor him with.
love, katti

When You´re in the Room by BrennsArtAttic A Wonderful artist! Go visit her please!!! :iconbrennsartattic:


:blackrose: Still Beautiful to MeWhen people tease you for the way that you look,
Please know this isn't your war.
Close the book. Burn the pages.
Our soul is like a piece of paper,
Easily ripped to pieces,
Though beauty is hidden between pages,
You sit still contemplating how to please those you hate,
Will you become one of them, or will you be yourself?
You let your inner demons lead the way,
As you follow aimlessly, is there any point to life anymore?
Your whole world turns grey,
Your eyes go blank; will you make it through the night?
Your life is still worth the pain,
It gets better in the end.
I know because I've been through the same.
My feet have the scars to show.
You'll find what you've been looking for at the end of the road.
Don't pack your things and head home, not just yet.
Smile at your enemies, this is who we are, no, we can't change.
You're still beautiful to me.
A new poem by a poet I was recently introduced to. Great writer and great work! :icondylanseto:


Katti And The Scent Of Spring by kaderart A GIFT from a friend to help me through a hard time. How he sees me is amazing to me. Thank you my dear friend! :iconkaderart:

:blackrose:LOVE - We all want it, we all wish for it, but do we really know what we are wishing for and what it will require of us? :blackrose:
FragmentI lie to say
this too
shall pass
when nothing
in human
...that famous
called memory -
my friend,
do you still
think of me?
You gave me
when I had
and quiet
when day
was done.
You stretched
your arms
in final
and we
held on
till mercy
Oh, tell me
of eternal
when I lie
in the
when I lie
in the
This is an awesome and moving piece from one on DA who I count as a friend to me. Please visit their gallery, and if you like what you read, please watch them, it is worth your time! :icongudrun355:

The Longing by Zindy Connected Souls Part 1 by Zindy AMAZING! Please visit her gallery and be prepared to want to fav it all. :iconzindy:

Thousand Peace PuzzleTake heed, ye men of government:
your britches grow too small.
You strive to touch the firmament
but your sprawling empire shall fall.
Youe horses will but trample you,
your men shall toil in vain.
Your eggshell ideals will hinder you
from putting your kingdom together again.
When I was young my mother told me
"Son walk with careful stride.
There is a time for humility,
and a time for patriot pride."
As I grow older I'm losing faith
in presidential ability.
To the corrupt,the immoral, I sayeth
remember Humpty Dumpty.
This is an amazing piece of work and its statement is strong. Please read it, you will be surprised! Done by my dear friend :iconmozartsnemesis:

OKAY ALL YOU DEVIANTS OUT THERE! WE have a new DA! He is fabulous and does not pull any punches, check him out :iconcuttothesex: The name of his account says it all!

Quiet can you hear her? one has -:icondofaust: - he has talked to me and heard my words, but after six years of friendship he has finally heard my soul.Bless him for his constant giving of his hope to me.

Here is some of his award winning art. He is a painter of my soul.

Fangaorne by dofaustSanta Cruz Mtns Early Fall by dofaustntly by dofaustThe Hands Of The Old Muse by dofaust

A Song of Obsidian (Edgar Allan Poe Tribute)Upon one Night’s solemn, a dream caressed my soul darkly,
And I awoke with all light failing, dying in cold winds bewailing
“A ghostly curtain,” I declared!—beyond my window peering;—
A wanton Lover that beshrew my deepest slumber
To what pleasures might arise, before my last breath is taken—
Surely I will ponder in gardens bleeding obsidian
Twas a Winter’s song, I recall—she first loomed upon the ages;
A fable—wherest my skin still broods in those dark torn pages
My beloved once wed;—now an apparition wild and seething
Her beauty tis but a lament, forever lost in my soul, haunting—
This winged-Demon outside, dripping terror from the trees;—
Unto a night of dread—a tempest of ebon seas
Decay hath become wine thru many Moons bleak and passing
Yet this black figure threatens my carriage of madness;—
“I beseech thee,” she bemoaned, clad in crimson shadows
A Goddess or Demon, returned in naked p
This is an incredible work and amazing as a dedication to Poe! :iconarthurcrow:

I cannot believe how he has stopped me in my tracks - do yourself a favor and READ it. FAV it! :blackrose::snowflake::blackrose:

The Fountain by kimoz :iconkimoz: This piece of art was given to me as a gift from a very longstanding friend and one close to my heart. Thank you so very much. :holly:

She With The Feathers by Zindy A piece of art that stopped me in my tracks! A new artist for me to watch and I hope for you too!

Flow of Feeling by creativemikey This is a NEW gift received today! It touches my heart and soul very deeply. thank you Mikey. :iconcreativemikey:

BEAUTIFUL CREATURE by kaderart :iconkaderart: THIS is a gift! Isn't it beautiful! He is extremely talented! Go by and see him!

I will love you still.Tomorrow,
provided that when morning rolls around
the dulcet sky is not hewn and falling
like calamity around my neck,
and the ground is not rent with grief
or torn asunder with greed,
and the ocean has not swallowed me up
and left me hidden within her tides,
tomorrow I will love you still.
When the sudden sun sneaks
like a thief across the horizon
and steals your face from my fitful slumber,
I will stretch and remember Summer days
and the sweet aroma of your smile.
If deep within the mountain-dark night
my demons have encamped around me
and drawn pictures of tragedy in my mind's eye,
I will think of the softness of your hands,
the trusting heaviness of your whispered secrets.
I have made myself a liar.
Even if I woke with a millstone tied around my neck,
and the ground opened up a chasm to swallow me,
and if the sea rose up around me,
then I would sing your saltwater praises.
I will love you still.
Another amazing work from another amazing poet!! :iconmozartsnemesis: :blackrose::blackrose:

Little Angel by VisualPoetress This gift comes from one of the special dear hearts to me here on DA Always remembering me, always loving me, what more can one ask for than that and yet she makes me a birthday present! Go by and hug her she deserves it!!! Thanks :iconvisualpoetress:

I Want to Fly Away by catch---22 :iconcatch---22:

Shielded by Snarlegugs CHECK THIS ARTIST OUT! Just found him and he is good. Thanks. Katti :blackrose:

:thumb475518195: This is a new found artist on DA by me and yet he has been around for eight years! He is an amazing artist at what he does. Please go and see what you are missing! :iconmeadowsfiftynine:

Wing of Death by Snarlegugs LOOK AT WHAT HE MADE ME!!!!! What a gift!

No one wants the real meCan I rest in your arms
Can I close my eyes
Can I trust your heartbeat...?
It's all a dream
Open my eyes and there's no one here
Fantasies whispered promises
Staring off into the cold
Holding back the shudder
Could I wait here for a moment?
Let the winds pass by
Could I shelter in your arms?
The resounding echo returns
There's no shelter for me
There's no heart that's mine
Strong because there is no one else
Stand on my own whether I want to or not
The reality
No one wants the real me
:iconferelwing: all I can say is the words could be mine, she is a true soul mate, a touchstone.

:thumb161908000: :iconkoukei:

Shatter Emotions by FairieGoodMother :iconfairiegoodmother: This is an incredible work that represents so completely what it is like when you are injured by another so severely that you are completely shattered.

:iconbadkitty51185: This is a very special and loving young woman who makes me stop and say I have faced nothing to ever complain about. She is brave, caring, compassionate and when your friend your friend to the end. She is now back on DA so please go by and say HELLO!


:icondragonheartblues: She does such marvelous pieces of art. PLEASE go by and see what wonders she has done.

As quiet as death,
nothing moving.
Cold as clay,
the bodies lie.
Nothing stirring,
Quiet as death.
A rustle of wind,
a ghostly whisper.
like stone soldiers,
lined in neat rows.
Weeds crawl up,
Twining around like veins.
No heart beating,
No breath is stirred.
All is quiet,
for the dead lie here.
Six feet under,
They listen to the sad moans of trees
The rustle of wind,
and ghostly whispers.
The dead lie here,
in forever Surrender.
As quiet as death,
Nothing moving.
The dead call you,
Come join them.
They will welcome you home.
:iconfaebloodrose: Another new Artist to DA! She is a writer who I expect great adventures in soul originated poetic thought from! Please go by and say HELLO and see what you think! Thank you!


Finding Anne Boleyn-Visual by Villenueve A collabaration between :iconvillenueve: and :icondragonesque:

MISTLETOE by Jellaboom :iconjellaboom:

All I can say, is no matter what wall you hit, no matter what demons bite you hard, no matter how hard the dark tries to take you down, just do as my friend on here Max told me to tell them,"BullShit" I am a dancer get out of our way or we are going right over you!

Katti for Vic - you rock A Clearing At Night by dofaust memoires des vies au dela by dofaust You rock on Girl!

Highland HopesIt is the time of shadows, mystery, and new beginnings,
dawn has come to the Highlands,
morning has come by the sea.
The sun rising o'er chaotic waters,
its light dancing,
entrancing those who truly see.
A dove soars,
weary, mourning,
Coming out from the valley night,
suffocated by dark mists,
surrounded by the dark towers.
She now stands on a rise,
eyes filled with the longing for light,
ears filled with the magic of song.
The breeze brings the scent of mountain flowers,
the caress of spirits past,
the comfort of angels.
Her heart feels everything,
untamed passions fill her soul,
and she reaches for a dream.
At her feet an eastbound stream beckons her,
a journey towards hope unknown,
will ye go lassie go?
At her side a reflection beckons her,
gem or illusion?
will ye go lassie go?

:blackrose:BIRTHDAY GIFTS 2010::blackrose:
Sincerity by creativemikey :iconcreativemikey:

Elf II by StarsColdNight :iconstarscoldnight: Love this Elf!!

grandmas backyard by XxNaTTaxD :iconxxnattaxd: This is a photo taken by a 15 year old young Deviant I ran across. How about going by and giving her some encouragement and anything else she might need! Show some love!

Lost and alone by VexingArt :iconvexingart:- I don't think a word needs to

:icondragonschest: - Truth sets you free. I so agree.… I am speechless at the depths of this speech. Please check it it!!!

Flowerings 98 by love1008 It is Spring and there is hope always in the darkness. I love this art he does, he makes me smile. :iconlove1008:

:iconchamoky: This is a deviant that I found and have supported because they have proven from the first to be a true friend and have continued to be so. They have honored me by putting me in their one year on DA journal. What a celebration it would be for them if we all went by and said Hello and Congratulations on being on DA on year! I sure would be thankful to all of you. We need to love each other up as a community and honor each other as artists. Thank you from my heart.



Gypsy Blood by lorddarkwolf WOW! I love this rendition of a gypsy!Especially that is Roma as my Marika, a creation of mine now almost 12 years old, is of the Romany, now a stregi.
:iconlorddarkwolf: Go by and see what magic reigns!

A VERY SPECIAL GIFT: Marie des mesanges by ArwenGernak :iconarwengernak:

:iconshadowedelegance: My other account KAT OF THE NIGHTShe is the shadow that comes into your dreams, quiet and oh she is so unique
Over the sill of your open window when the South winds blows sweet
Almond shaped eyes shimmer in the depths of the dark's completeness
As she creeps close, then closer still, a smile begins upon lips that are sin in their sweetness
She is the Wind, like a bird in flight, slipping into your dream world and changing pain to pleasure this night
She is the Passion, like a flame she burns the edges of your soul, completing you, competing with you, oh such a precious treasure you in this dream are holding.
She is all your desires that you have ever secretly voiced,
She is the dark Kat of the world just beyond your vision
She is the one that can show you those things you knew not about
She is the one that as she wraps you into her arms, you believe in the depths of her fire's purr.
Kat of the Night, haunt me, take me, shake me, tease me, please me, but never, ever leave me, you plead.
Green eyes shimmer as she fills

Patience... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Patience is the key of the hunt.
:iconmichel-lag-chavarria: artist of this work
Who I am is all found in this work, who I am now that is to survive the blood and the dirt.

With Tears In My Eyes by FireOpal14 :iconfireopal14: What a wonderful gift!

:iconreynart: This is a poet that is not recognized much but his work is worth the visit to his gallery. Please, go by and visit my friend. See how he writes, it is so touching.
:New Feature: His Journal
a humble poet:blackrose:

:blackrose:OCTOBER 30 2009,:blackrose:

:blackrose:She continues to support me as I move through the pain with the strength of her belief and spirit supporting my newly sprouting wings. Merci!:blackrose:

:iconarwengernak: NO LOVE WITHOUT FREEDOM by ArwenGernak Tender autumn by ArwenGernak Elegant Halloween by ArwenGernak
come and play with us by ArwenGernak She dies before one s time by ArwenGernak
She continues to support me through this trial. Thank you my love, my friend.

More will be added as they are discovered, she is worth the seeing.


:iconcreativemikey: Got a Friend by creativemikey :heart:A Gift!:heart::heart:
One felt from the heart clear through to the soul, one that holds so much meaning to it that is both clear and for just us two that the entirety of it is astounding to me. :heart: Thank you my dearest, thank you! Always, katti :heart:

:iconcreativemikey: Petals of Protection by creativemikey a gift for strength - thank you Mike

A Christmas Cat by FeelingsofMakenzie A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS CAT! comes from :iconfeelingsofmakenzie: who just happens to be my 11 year old niece.

Be It Known by creativemikey :iconcreativemikey: He is getting incredible! Instilled by creativemikey :thumb160504687:
:sadangel:memoires des vies au dela by dofaust

Broken Heart on a String by FairieGoodMother :iconfairiegoodmother: This work touched me so deeply in my pain that I had to share it. Go experience what it says and what the author says. It will bless you. Thank you kindly.

Ruins by LadyCarnal :iconladycarnal:

Current Residence: In the mountains, down a dirt road, by a swift running creek, in a house built of wood
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2,4
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, the blues, rock, classical - anything I can dance to
Favourite photographer: My Mom,
Favourite style of art: whatever moves me
Operating System: Windows 7
Skin of choice: Soft furs of Lambskin to lay on and snuggle
Favourite cartoon character: Pepe Le Pew
Personal Quote: Listen to the Wind she whispers Truth,Listen to the Sea she brings Wisdom,Revel in Nature - be free


Golden Pebble by LaColombeDeDeuil
Golden Pebble

~~ For all those I know and hope to know as destiny passes ~~



Background:  :iconval-deviant:
Lay Me Down by LaColombeDeDeuil
Lay Me Down
:blackrose: sometimes love hurts, but if we allow it to heal - all the cracks give it more ability to expand and love more. especially when love comes back :blackrose:



Background: :iconval-deviant:

Figure : hand painted

Words: Katarina
Loves Memories Of Desire by LaColombeDeDeuil
Loves Memories Of Desire
:blackrose: my love, I believe it is self explaining. This is from also Kaylia to her Drake, two characters that we created 12 years ago and in the process of communication while not in character found one and another. The heart has a way. ~~

katti :blackrose:
Black Winged Rose of her Beloved Immortal


Background:  :iconval-deviant:

Characters: :just smiles: :iconbelovedimmortal:

Words: Written by Katarina :iconlacolombededeuil:
Heart On Black by LaColombeDeDeuil
Heart On Black
:blackrose: inspired by the day and being miles away from my true beloved :blackrose:


Artists Who Move Me


just passion by alexkajf This is an artist that I came across and his work in his medium he chooses is, in my humble opinion, professional. HE is worth seeing! Please visit his gallery! :iconalexkajf:

:thumb272017911: new work by a writer I have repected for a really long time :iconshehrozeameen: please do yourelf a favor and read it!


:blackrose:Black rose by ugotrabs Wonderful rendition of a rose! Amazing by :iconugotrabs:


Angel Dust by moonchild-ljilja What a beautiful and wonderful rendition of an angel. She is an amazing artist! :iconmoonchild-ljilja:

Ray of Hope (Depression hurts!)
Gloomy days and shades of grey,
promises long forgotten.
Words of pain leave scars that stay,
choices were ill-begotten.
Rays of sun obscured by cloud,
I pray for a glint of light.
Stinging darts thrown by the proud,
add misery to my plight.
wanting relief
embracing belief
searching for truth
hunting for proof
needing someone
praying for sun
praying for sun...

Clouds depart, a ray of hope,
softness instead of what's cruel.
Hope is renewed, helping me cope,
sun sparkling bright like a jewel.
Depression cuts like a knife,
carving up pieces of heart.
I need something more from life,
desperate to make a new start.
needing true love
like hand in glove
wanting to please
seeking release
dreaming of more
opening doors
opening doors...
windswept summer days that never end
flowers that bloom and never die
hallowed paths to tread lightly
happy smiles deep inside me
happy smiles deep inside
An impressive and so terribly honest and wide open work it brings me to tears in its honesty. Just one of the great works on this site by this poet, but to me his greatest. by :icontommyboywood: Go by his site and be prepared to be awakened to truth in a range of life matters.

:blackrose: This is an incredible piece of writing, it pulls at my heart and makes my soul sing in the wonder of the passion it shows. He is a very talented writer. PLEASE go by and visit his gallery! Thanks! Katti :blackrose:
It is done by :iconmozartsnemesis:


Sihamita 4 by dr7key A wonderful capture of the innocence of a young girl's beauty and the beauty of the woman growing inside! Well done! :icondr7key: :blackrose:

:blackrose: In the water by AnastasiaOsipova Beautiful work!!!! Please check her out!!! :iconanastasiaosipova:

:blackrose: Essential Insanities by catch---22 What an incredible piece of work! A combination of well used skills to produce a picture that reminds me of a moon I know so well.
Well done! :iconcatch---22:

dress design: midnight by Blueraven-blackbird :iconblueraven-blackbird: What a great dress! I would love to wear it to a book signing! Go visit this DA gallery and see the wonderful designs there, it is worth it. Thanks! Katti :rose:

Be My Valentine by dchan07 :icondchan07: This is WONDERFUL! Sure is helping with my spirits right now.

by: :iconkimoz: The Call by kimoz 25 JAN :: MAADI YOUTH LOGO by kimoz GO! May the Struggle be worth it and end in what you dream! by:iconkimoz:

wonderfully done! such imagination!

Sandy 'n John by Trippy4U This is an incredible piece of artwork! :icontrippy4u:

Merry Christmas 2012 by dchan07 :icondchan07: This deviant is very gifted! Please visit his page! Thanks my friends! Katti :blackrose:

:iconcreativemikey: Taunt by creativemikey This is a beautiful interpretation of my words Thank you Mike… This is
a link to an awesome poem that deserves reading - it provokes - it hits you right between the eyes and is written by :iconella50-50: PLEASE do yourself a favor! :blackrose:

Kalleih's Capture - EQ2 by WantMyRepublicBack :iconwantmyrepublicback: She is a cheerleader, a heart friend, and one I trust and that for me is a huge deal. Go by and see her. She does some wonderful work!:blackrose:

Underneath It All by Trippy4U :icontrippy4u: This piece is so wonderful to me as it reminds me of where I healed the last time that I had to learn how to re-live. And that is a gift and reminder I did it once and I can and am doing it again. Thank you Sir for this!
Manhattan Across the Hudson by Trippy4U ANOTHER wonderful piece from a very talented artist!
:icontrippy4u: :blackrose:

Pleading Don't Go by creativemikey This is a wonderfully done piece inspired by my words from my newest poem! Thank you so much Mike! :iconcreativemikey:

December 3 by love1008 This is a winter piece that reminds me of those magic times when as a child I would play in South Park. :iconlove1008:
TheCritiquables - PastMy world wasn't enough for you, nor was my all
My weakness is I can' t do much, much at all
Maybe it was my fault by being foolish enough to believe in such gambles
Maybe it was my fault to fall into these cursed shambles
Thou art My Juliet and I thou Romeo
Seems like how things ended up I'm in the worse Brother Romeo
Seems like this ended like the end of Macbeth
Leaving me assimilated with eternal death
They say God is in the rain
But all I feel is my floundering heart in the cliché of pain
What you found in peace you left in pieces
What you left behind never ceases
My love was your disposable commodity
Now leaving me to move on with this life of mediocrity
These scars remind me that the past was in fact real
That the love I felt for you was joke that would never heal
Maybe it was pathetic of me to sulk over you
Seeing how it took you no time to get over me and start anew
I carried your hardships on my deteriorating shoulders
As I fought and pushed away the monsters and boulders
written by :iconthefableteller:

I m simple by RezzanATAKOL :iconrezzanatakol: Simplicity at its finest beauty

Almost alone by irinama :iconirinama: This hit me right in the heart so my heart spoke out about it. Go visit her! She will knock your socks off!

:iconangelia61: In life you meet people in many ways and sometimes you are so lucky to meet one that has touched me many times. She is a heart huge that has had a visage formed around it, a soul pure and a spirit of giving that never stops. Thank you my friend for raising my humble words, to this high standard. I am so very thankful.

Dancer Series1 by Piluka :iconpiluka: A Picture that got a DD and one that has inspired me to try to return to dance, perhaps not with the national company I was with but in a local group. My spirit is moved.

Straight Through The Heart by VisualPoetress A Poetess and Artist that is amazing! Do yourself a treat and stop by her gallery! :iconvisualpoetress:

:thumb181063662: This is called "Tired of Waiting". What a statement for me and a lot of my dear friends as well as being a beautiful work. :iconlady-symphonia:

The Seven Heavenly Virtues by DoctorEvil06 How many of use do not believe in mermaids? I expect only a few. Not only did this work bring me fine memories, but his comments are worth reading, almost a work in themselves. Give him a visit. Please? :icondoctorevil06:

Silver Water at Sunrise by JocelyneR :iconjocelyner: This is an amazing photograph and her whole gallery is full of the same. Please visit her and fill your soul with the beauty there. Thank you.

:thumb185979176: :iconandrekosslick: A million tears, -

Winter at Mummy's by patheno The source of his soul, his mother's house, he is an amazing photographer and this is where he grew up. Is there any doubt he would not be? :iconpatheno:

So many wonderful memories of childhood dreaming of the highway to Heaven when I see this work. Marvelous! :iconmorningstarskid:


There are people that come into our lives and they touch us so deeply that when we loose them through anothers actions it is like loosing part of yourself. Such has happened to me. I miss her greatly. I cannot even remember why we no longer speak, but I do know that each day without her is a little less bright. These are the gifts she made for me before our relationship slipped into the night.

An Angel Rising - dedicated by Obsidian-Siren An angel to help me through a terrifying time. And it did.

Katti by Obsidian-Siren A work that speaks to me everyday over and over -

Angel Call by Obsidian-Siren A work for me to warn me of impending disaster, oh that I had listened.

I love you still Celeste and always will and hope you find all the happiness you deserve. I know you will.

Forever by catch---22
He is a photographer, he is an artist, he is a poet whether in words or through his lenses - he moves your soul like one who sees beyond what most eyes see lit, he is a natural and he is a good friend. He is all these things, he has a gift divinely given. :blackrose::blackrose: :iconcatch---22:

Gifts That Inspire and Touch Me

:rose: DRAG THE MOON TO ME by morningstarskid A gift to me that has how I feel about it written in my comment. I was told yesterday about it and when I saw it I was caught up in total awe when I saw it. Thank you so Mark. You have touched me deeply by it. done for me by :iconmorningstarskid:



WRITTEN ABOVE IS A PIECE ALL ON DA SHOULD READ BY ONE OF THE BRAVEST PEOPLE I KNOW! for those that wish to understand a little of my world and what I mean by learning to re-live again, this explains it very well and it is written by a brave, super woman.

Happy Hallows Eve All !
:iconcreativemikey: Cracked by creativemikey
Drown Me In You by creativemikey WOW! Mike went into the depths of my gallery and found one of my favorite pieces. Then he created this for me! I am so very amazed. Thank you my supportive friend.
Will You by creativemikey :iconcreativemikey: He has done it again. He has gone and found a work of mine and created another wonderful piece of art.

:iconbelez: This wonderful artist has featured me and I wanted to wet your appetite with a bit of her work. She is marvelous! ATTRACTION by belez

A GIFT! A marvelous gift from a very gifted artist. I am so thankful for it. IT could not have come at a better time. Thank you Kelly! Please go by and give her some love! :icondragonheartblues:


FLAME OF CINNABAR by LaColombeDeDeuil Autumn Leaves
Somewhere in the world a radio plays a long forgotten song
"When Autumn Leaves begin to fall"
And I remember the falling days of you - fallen, gone.
Days of Fire Red and Orange as passion burned bright -
the red fire of your kisses on my lips,
the orange of the tips of the flames of your fingers
as at the lightest touch of them my skin did ignite.
Soon all was covered in the colors of our love's hue
Hills and mountains, ravines and meadows all bore our passion for all to view
But as in all things, my love,
                                              Autumn leaves began to fall.
Fire red turned to brown laying in the dirt below
Orange turned to grey and blended away slow
And soon all that heralded our love's mark turned bleak and grey
And as the autumn leaves

Angel came down from heaven yesterday
She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
And she told me a story yesterday,
About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
And then she spread her wings high over me
She said she's gonna come back tomorrow

And I said "fly on my sweet angel,
Fly on through the sky,
Fly on my sweet angel,
Tomorrow I'm gonna be by your side"

Sure enough this morning came unto me
Silver wings silhouetted against the child's sunrise
And my angel she said unto
"today is the day for you to rise,
Take my hand, you're gonna be my man,
You're gonna rise"
And she took high over yonder

And I said "fly on my sweet angel,
Fly on through the sky,
Fly on my sweet angel,
Forever I will be by your side"

This song was given to me as a gift today by Wiz! Huge Kisses!

Angels - Jaguar and Black Panther

:blackrose:My Protector of My Soul:blackrose:
- She needs your Support - Especially Now

:blackrose:OCTOBER 16, 2009:blackrose:

:iconarwengernak: - I have watched her for many many months. I have loved her work far longer. Now she has come out of the blue and asked others to help me, me, a nobody, get back my passion to dance. How does one describe such an artist? How does one describe such a person? How does one describe such a heart? In my small way I can only say,

:blackrose: For ArwenGernak :blackrose:

On what wings doest thou fly forth on from heavenly home to wander so low, so low to earth's firmament as to find me laid to ground cold? By what strands of courage doest thou heart beat out that thee would venture forth on such a voyage as thou hast begun to wrought? Oh winged one, oh bright star, thy countenance is kind, thy heart gentle, nae even compassionate most mild, and yet in this most valiant flight thou art most radiant in thy stance bold. There be nae found in all treasures both known and more lost, nor in radiant jewels, gold, silver, or what else men would desire, no greater treasure than this ye give to me, a priceless gift of the heart, oh aye by most dearly sought,
But none, nae none could hold it more precious as I do from thee unselfishly given to tear filled soul flooded with gratitude unmeasured as me."


The Dancer by ReehBR :iconreehbr: - My First Gift - Thank you so. I shall not let you down.

Dance as the Sun rises by DameOdessa :icondameodessa: Another inspiration from a dear friend. Thank you so much.

:iconarwengernak: What can I say for all you are doing but a humble thank you from an even humbler poet.

Le musicien la danseuse et ... by ArwenGernak The passion may never die by ArwenGernak I SEND YOU ALL MY DREAMS by ArwenGernak
All stays in your hand by ArwenGernak DREAMS MAKE THE LIFE by ArwenGernak :iconarwengernak:

The Last Dance by Lauraest :iconlauraest: You are so appreciated.

A Dancer's Lament by creativemikey :iconcreativemikey: Again you amaze me with your heart. Dancer of Dreams by creativemikey:iconcreativemikey: Oh what a gift!

Call of the Dance by Faoiltiarna-Wolf :iconfaoiltiarna-wolf: Thank you so.

Dance Among the Stars by LeaWiggins :iconleawiggins: Bless you Lea!

The Colour of Dance by Aehireiel :iconaehireiel: A beautiful piece of art.

:iconreynart: He has written a journal for me. What a friend he has been for years.

PLWA - Dance by andyshade :iconandyshade: What a wonderful gift.

La danse des notesLes notes de musiques s'envolent dans les airs,
Tournoyant, elles forment une pièce isolée
Du monde qui l'entoure et piégeant ses habitants.
Le lieu est vide de toutes pensées, de toute réflexion
Ici, les sentiments gouvernent tous les autres sens
Et les humains se laissent guidés par ceux-ci
Les corps se mettent à se mouvoir d'eux-même
Suivant les fils tissés par la musique qui les entoure
Ils glissent tout en délicatesse avec toute leur grâce
Puis la musique diminue progressivement
Les notes retombent paisiblement au sol
Libérant les corps de ses liens de sentiments
Il ne reste alors que les vibrations persistantes
Dans les corps de nouveau sous contrôle
Le dernier des sentiments reste alors le plaisir
:iconryusukeminami: What a beautiful gift!

Timeless Ballerina by VisualPoetress :iconvisualpoetress: How she knew it was about that age that I began my dancing and found my passion I know not. But she still made this for me and it means so much.

With Tears In My Eyes by FireOpal14 :iconfireopal14:

freedom dancer by ritaflowers :iconritaflowers: another beautiful dedication
Vacancy by creativemikey :iconcreativemikey: inspiration in two beautiful ways

New Stuff 82 by chasz A new found artist for me! And one I know some of you will truly appreciate! Go by and give him support! :iconchasz:

A note from The Wizard of Kimberling:

Here is a song lyric that I found that I want to share with you my dear friend.


Mike Pinder
You'll Make It Through lyrics

If you're caught in darkness, holding on for dear life,
Remember where you started and how you knew what was right,
And now if you're lonely, and the feeling ain't right...

Hold on! Don't give in...
You'll make it through the night.
Hold on! You'll make it through this life.

Living all together is the biggest challenge ever...
Someone's gonna come and set you right.
Spread your wings and love will guide your flight...
Get those good things into your life.
You've got the real thing, and only Love can bring
An ending to these troubled times.

If your heart is heavy, and you live in fear,
There's a time to be lonely
And a time to get clear
Let these words we're singing
Reach your inner ear.

Hold on! Don't give in...
You'll make it through the night.
Hold on! You'll make it through this life.

Today the black rose shall be paired with the red.

Dear Friends and New DA Artists.

Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp1 by MistRaven

Paris 2048 by EntART3t…

This poet is knocking me away!
Why not stop by and encourage him?

Silent Angel by creativemikey
Absolutely Beautiful

Line Between Love and Hate by creativemikey Art that speaks!:iconcreativemikey:

Sometimes a writer that is a friend reaches out to you because she truly understands. A great poet - a wonderful friend - a woman in love - a divine poet she is.
Life Is Not A Bowl Of Cherries by VisualPoetress :iconvisualpoetress:

Sometimes a photographer, a friend, a soul connected hits the mark with words. This time is one of them. Thank you my friend - you have found my soul.

The Warrior

She is swift, sincere, modest, humble, and deliberate.
Either at day or night she rides with her weapons by her side
as she seeks to defy injustice.

Gallop, gallop, galloping through the forest's canopy
pinpointing and devouring all who stand in her way.

Never stopping until she claims victory and the kill.
She is a constant reminder that what is good shall
remain good in each man and woman's heart forevermore..

:blackrose:And then he takes my words and creates a collaboration between us I believe is magic!:blackrose:

An Angel Comes by creativemikey words by :iconlacolombededeuil: art by :iconcreativemikey:

Ode to the Pirate Life by creativemikey :iconcreativemikey:

He is amazing and he thinks I am too. What a sweet man.

Curves to Die For by brandydeshea :iconbrandydeshea:ART FANTASTIC from an old friend of mine! He is amazing!

:iconreynart: A fantastic POET! A fantastic PERSON! AND HE IS WORTH visiting. PLEASE DO!

:iconjewelsd: is an incredible Poet and one whose gallery is worth the stroll through. She is also a dear soul.

A Constant Friend

:iconprinceofjupiter: A Zel'aran Farewell - Prolouge
The moon was slowly rising above the forests, letting it's pale ivory beams shine down upon the land of Zel'aran.  Within her skies there was the light of stars that were still virginal and unknown.  However on this night the stars could not be seen, only the strength of the moon could cut down the shadows that the clouds created.  These clouds were not made by nature, but by dark impure magics in the realm.  It was under this dark sky that the Lord of the Merricks, Athos Jeremy Merrick, stood preparing a horse he'd borrowed from his kin, a brown mare named Restara.  He picked up the emerald blanket he often traveled with, laying it atop his saddle for the moment.  He rubbed that young looking face, he was lucky that he had maintained his exterior all these years.  It pained him to leave in this way, in the middle of the darkness.  However, knowing what things may cross his path in the night, and knowing his ability to fight them, he chose this time as the best for his travels.  Howeve
Dancing On Into the Night...It was late by the fires of the gypsy camp, the elders were sitting by and telling the children the stories of times long gone in the history of the tribe, and of those who stand guard over the Romani people as they traveled.  Sitting near them listening were a pair of figures, obscured slightly by the shadows letting them wrap the pair up in a blanket.  This description was very close to the truth, as  they were indeed a close pair, sworn to each other by word and deed and by the exchange of blood.  They were more than family, more than companions, they were each other.  This was the depths of their passions as the man held his lady with his arms around her waist.  Ebon hair cascaded loose over his crimson shirt, loose over his form as the people of the camp liked to wear them.  And resting against him obscuring him from the waist down was a woman with hair like spun gold with beads of actual dulled silver ornimenti

A Must Read by him!

"Aye my Laird, my heart longs to hear the whispers of yours, my arms long ta hold you in a warm caress, I canna exist much longer without you. Ah my Laird, forget not your Lass, a Royal Lady that is your mate of the seas."

Passionate Memories - Andre , LUTHER, Stevie Nicks , Morrison

Power Of Love lyrics

When I say goodbye it is never for long

'Cause I know our love still lives on

It will be again exactly like it was

'Cause I believe in the power of love

When you're close I can feel the power

When it's love I can always tell

Love for me is the best thing now

It's something that I know so well

Hold me closer and every minute

Of every hour, feel the power of love, yeah

Hold me tighter and take me higher

And feel the fire of the power of love

Did you know that your feelings show

You thought your love was locked up inside

But when your senses start to overload

Love is something you should never hide

You've got to believe in love

It's a feeling that's next to none

Can't stop until we are one

With the power of love

Tell everyone to try

I promise you'll reach the sky

One thing that we can't deny

Is the power of love

So close your eyes and you can feel it

Comin' straight from above, it's the power of love

You can't deny it, so don't even try it

Let the feelin' sweep you off your feet

You've got to believe in love

It's a feeling that's next to none

Can't stop until we are one

With the power of love

Tell everyone you see

How much better the world could be

For them and for you, for me

With the power of love

Ooh, ooh, ooh


You've got to feel the power

Yeah, yeah

So listen up and you will hear it

A symphony from above, it's the power of love

So glad we've found it, now there's no way around it

Just let the feeling sweep you off your feet

You've got to believe in love

It's a feeling that's next to none

Can't stop until we are one

With the power of love

Tell everyone to try

I promise you'll reach the sky

One thing that you can't deny

Is the power of love

When we walk down the street

We don't care who we see or who we meet

Don't need to run, don't need to hide

'Cause we've got something burning inside, yeah

We've got love power

It's the greatest power of them all, ooh...ooh...

We've got love power

And together we can't fall, sing it with

We've got love (Love) power (Power)

It's the greatest power of them all

Oh, we've got love (Love) power (Power)

And together we can't fall, and all the good

(We've got love) Ooh, we've got love (Power), yes, we do

(It's the greatest power of them all)

(We've got love) Love-love-love (Power)

(And together we can't fall) We'll never fall if we've got

(We've got love) If we've got love (Power)

(It's the greatest power of them all)

(We've got love) Tell the world we got love (Power) tell the people about it

(And together we can't fall) And it's all because we've got, we've got

We've got love (Love) power (Power)

Oh, it's the greatest power of them all and if you believe me

We've got more love (Love) power (Power)

And together we can't fall, I know, can't fall

We can't fall (Love) when there's a love power (Power)

'Cause it's the greatest power of them all

Dream Lover lyrics

Dream lover please be mine
I love you every night
Dream lover where are you?
You're the only one I'll ever love, uh huh
Dream lover of my dreams
I only see you when I dream my dream
I love you endlessly
I wake up nervous in a sweat
Don't ever wake me up
Don't wake me up
Dream lover you're the only one I love

It's only you who satisfies me
You mesmerize and mystify me
I'll never get this feeling from any other
And I really miss you in the morning

Dream lover you and I
Are two lovers of the night
Dream lover hope you see
You're the only one I'll ever love, uh huh
Dream lover of my dreams
I only see you when I dream my dream
I love you endlessly
I wake up nervous in a sweat
Don't ever wake me up
Don't wake me up

Dream lover you're the only one I love

How I wish that I could keep you
But I'll just see you when I see you
I wish the night would last just a little longer
Cuz I really miss you when it's morning

After each night, the day seems long
For dream lovers who wait to rush into each other's arms
It's you that keeps me dreaming

Dream lover please be mine
I love you every night
Dream lover where are you?
You're the only one I'll ever love, uh huh
Dream lover of my dreams
I only see you when I dream my dream
I love you endlessly
I wake up nervous in a sweat
Don't ever wake me up
Don't wake me up
Dream lover you're the only one I..

Love of my love
Dream of my dream

[Repeat above until fade]

Buy Me A Rose lyrics

He works hard to give her all he thinks she wants
But it tears her apart ‘cause nothing’s for her heart
He pulls in late to wake her up with a kiss goodnight
If he could only read her mind, she’d say…
Buy me a rose, call me from work
Open a door for me, what would it hurt
Show me you love me by the look in your eyes
These are the little things I need the most in my life
Now the days have grown to years of feelin’ all alone
As she sits and wonders if all she’s doin’ is wrong
‘Cause lately she’d try anything just to turn his head
Would it make a difference if she said, if she said…

And the more that he lives the less that he tries
To show her the love that he holds inside
And the more that she gives the more that he sees
This is the story of you…and me
So I bought you a rose on the way home from work
To open the door to a heart that I hurt
And I hope you notice this look in my eyes
‘Cause I’m gonna make things right for the rest of your life
And I’m gonna hold you tonight, tonight
Do all those little things for the rest of your life

L. A. WOMAN - From a Laguna Beach Girl

Well, I just got into town about an hour ago
Took a look around, see which way the wind blow
Where the little girls in their Hollywood bungalows

Are you a lucky little lady in The City of Light
Or just another lost angel...City of Night
City of Night, City of Night, City of Night, woo, c'mon

L.A. Woman, L.A. Woman
L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon
L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon
L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon
Drive thru your suburbs
Into your blues, into your blues, yeah
Into your blue-blue Blues
Into your blues, ohh, yeah

I see your hair is burnin'
Hills are filled with fire
If they say I never loved you
You know they are a liar
Drivin' down your freeways
Midnite alleys roam
Cops in cars, the topless bars
Never saw a woman...
So alone, so alone
So alone, so alone

Motel Money Murder Madness
Let's change the mood from glad to sadness

Mr. Mojo Risin', Mr. Mojo Risin'
Mr. Mojo Risin', Mr. Mojo Risin'
Got to keep on risin'
Mr. Mojo Risin', Mr. Mojo Risin'
Mojo Risin', gotta Mojo Risin'
Mr. Mojo Risin', gotta keep on risin'
Risin', risin'
Gone risin', risin'
I'm gone risin', risin'
I gotta risin', risin'
Well, risin', risin'
I gotta, wooo, yeah, risin'
Woah, ohh yeah

Well, I just got into town about an hour ago
Took a look around, see which way the wind blow
Where the little girls in their Hollywood bungalows

Are you a lucky little lady in The City of Light
Or just another lost angel...City of Night
City of Night, City of Night, City of Night, woah, c'mon

L.A. Woman, L.A. Woman
L.A. Woman, your my woman
Little L.A. Woman, Little L.A. Woman
L.A. L.A. Woman Woman
L.A. Woman c'mon

Edge Of Seventeen - Song of the Mourning White Winged Dove - Stevie Nicks - I really admire her. She is incredible to know.

Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song ...
Sounds like she's singing...
Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song...
Sounds like she's singing... ooo
And the days go by....
like a strand in the wind
In the web that is my own...
I begin again
Said to my friend, baby...
Nothin' else mattered
He was no more...than a baby then
Well he... seemed broken hearted...
something within him
But the moment...that I first laid...
Eyes...on...him...all alone...
On the edge of...seventeen
Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song ...
Sounds like she's singing...
Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song...
Sounds like she's singing... ooo
I went today...maybe I will go again...
And the music there it was hauntingly...
And I see you doing...
what I try to do for me
With the words from a poet...
and the voice from a choir
And a melody...nothing else mattered
Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song ...
Sounds like she's singing...
Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song...
Sounds like she's singing... ooo
The clouds...never expect it...
when it rains
But the sea changes colours...
but the sea...
Does not change
And so...with the slow...graceful flow..
of age
I went forth...with an age old... please
On the edge of...seventeen
Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song ...
Sounds like she's singing...
Just like the white winged dove...
sings a song...
Sounds like she's singing... ooo
Well then suddenly...
there was no one...left standing
In the hall...yeah, yeah...
In a flood of tears
That no one really ever heard fall at all
Oh I went searchin' for an answer...
Up the stairs...and down the hall
Not to find an answer...
just to hear the call
Of a nightbird...singing...
come away...come away...


the strings haunt me with the melody of the night
the way he played was the way he loved, ever so right
the softness of the notes that would turn to the crescendo of desire
the climax of the chords that ended with
ecstasy and fire
the memory of all the way that he played in my heart
the black color of my world is now wherein I lie as my soul departs

How this piece speaks to me now. How I feel these words that came as I first gazed upon it. My path is now laid out for me so clearly. I cannot abide the pain, and I am hoping that I shall get help with it, for if not my life must change drastically. I am not giving up yet. I am merely seeing the shadows more clearly. And they offer such comfort.

to Katarina Victoria I by andrekosslick
Through tears of gratitude I thank Andre. I am dancing again Andre, I will be performing this winter and spring.
And now have a Shadow Friend, a dancer gone but still dancing in my heart to dance with, bless you Andre. Always your work is wonderful!

Link to Anchored in You img022016 evening sky by SpongeBobboogerman

Twin Rocks Oregon:blackrose:…

House Of the Rising Sun:blackrose:…




:iconbelovedimmortal: :iconsteel-reflections: :iconlostsoldiers: :iconiskander1989: :iconleavesfallingup14:


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